in the time

by Ramon & Jessica

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A cappella duets, originally composed for choreography by Amy Seiwart/Imagery, 2013.


released December 9, 2014

Composed and performed by Dina Maccabee and Jesse Olsen Bay. Recorded by JOB. Mixed and mastered by Jonathan Burnside and JOB.


all rights reserved



Ramon & Jessica San Francisco, California

Ramon & Jessica is a boy-girl duo from the San Francisco Bay Area known for their mischievous a capella breaks and renegade casio beats. Their third album was released in 2012 on Porto Franco Records.

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Track Name: in the time
There was a time when we came to the water
Looked to the clouds, and followed the rain
When the country was dry, we'd pack up and move on with the water
A little wine to soften the way.

And over time, as we moved like a river
We found a place to settle our bones
Was the word that we heard whispering in the sound of the water
A little spell to carry us home?

If you listen close you'll hear
The rhythm of the passing year
Head over heart over knees
We follow where the water leads

Body of mine, as it aches for the water
Close my eyes, imagine the rain
Though we're tied into place, we can still recognize in the water
Drops of ourselves that sink like a chain.

If you listen close you'll hear...
Track Name: left hand, right hand
Left hand, right hand
Side by side
I'm upside down
I'm inside out
You're right on time
It's wrong to place
A deadly weight
On lively bait

Even if odd, then under and over
We never go soon, if always forever
When either meets or and neither wants more
We'll count to four and cross the floor

Hum hum hum hum...

Left over to the right
Back to the side, never take a side
Never pick a fight, make a little piece
Take a little walk, you can let it go
If you let it slide

Take my hand
I'm upside down
What's left to do
But turn around?

Oh, hum...
Track Name: head for the water
Head for the sunrise
Make for the mountains
Following water
Guided by stars

Borders in motion
'Cross seasons and oceans
Yield when we listen
to the language of time

Where do we come from?
Where are we going?
Following water
Mouths to the sky

Borders and crossings
Passing of seasons
Following water
Water is life
Track Name: head over heart
Head over heart
Heart over hips
Hips over knees
Knees over ankles
Track Name: borders
Once there was a time when we followed the water
We went down to the Mexican border in winter
We were cut from the very same fabric as our mothers
As we prayed for a miracle, coming through winter

Head for the water
Follow the sunrise
Make for the mountains
Guided by stars
Is there a border between our bodies?
Bodies of knowledge
Knowledge of time

Time, time, time...

I'm thinking of a time when the sky was a desert
And we wandered through the land looking out for the water
If you listen to the wind blowing cold in the hours
You can still hear the voices calling out for the thunder clouds

Do you remember coming through winter?
Down to the border, under the sky
Is there a border between our bodies?
Bodies of knowledge, knowledge of time

Endless ocean
Heads and hearts and left hand, right hand

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